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Clarity Online is your risk management portal through which you gain access to all your global claims data

Service Overview
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We deal with your claims quickly and efficiently to the satisfaction of all parties. 

We recognise that data accuracy is as important as claims handling. We’ve a proven capability to not only consolidate and report on data, but also analysis provision. This tells a story, revealing any weaknesses or opportunities to reduce risk to your business and control the cost of claims.

How we can help
  • Central control

    Through our award-winning data tool Clarity you have instant access to all your claims details. Using drag and drop, you can build customised analytics reports for your business - branded with your name.

  • Advanced analytics and fraud detection

    We analyse your loss data to help you identify potential areas of weakness, ie common causes of claims, as well as key indicators of fraud that are not always apparent to the naked eye.

Who we can help
  • Risk Managers, MGAs, Brokers

    Clarity provides a way for you with a self service system to bring up analytics on claims experienced and current exposures. It will allow you to identify hotspots and take appropriate actions to deal with the underlying causes. It’s designed to help reduce the risks which create claims in the first place by carrying out trends analysis, aggregate tracking and triangulation. You’ll have a report which has your name at the top, which you can present to your boards or clients and other stakeholders.


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